Industrial Fan Repairs

Common Industrial Fan Faults and How to Prevent Them

Common Industrial Fan Repairs

Our Industrial Fan Repair Methodology


How much do industrial fan repairs cost?

It depends on what’s wrong with it. It could be a bearing change and a fan balance, which is relatively quick and therefore not very expensive, or it could have had a lump of stone fall into it and the whole thing is wrecked with blades distorted and mangled and the fan casing destroyed, in which case it might bump the price up!

How long does an industrial fan repair take?

It depends on what’s wrong with the fan. If it’s simply new bearings and a fan balance, maybe a couple of hours. If a bear has attacked it and thrown it off an oil rig, it may take some considerable time! Although there may be the more pressing matter as to how a bear got on an oil rig in the first place…?

What types and brands of industrial fans do we repair?

Our engineers are experienced in repairing all types of industrial fans, electric motors, pumps, gear motors, etc.

There’s not any brand we won’t have a go at!

Do we provide replacement parts and spares?

Yes! We provide replacement axial impellers from stock, electric motors from stock, we can make centrifugal fan wheels of many types based on your original impeller and we can also source many other parts such as belts and pulleys, as well as stocking fan speed controllers, direct-on-line starters and inverters (both single and three phase input) and much more!

Is it worth getting my industrial fan repaired?

It depends on the level of damage or maybe the age of a fan unit. There are many factors to consider before the dreaded ‘MIWANO’ (Mend It With A New One).

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