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As one of the UK’s top AC electric motor suppliers and electric motor suppliers, we’re proud of our huge catalogue. Our vast electric motor stock list consists of the most reliable and competitively priced in the industry. With stock from a range of motor manufacturers like Amtecs, Universal Motors and Invertek Drives, to our very own Beatson BFM-EMAW Gearboxes, we’re able to offer our customers a broad selection of motor types. Anything from AC and DC motors, BFM motors, geared motors, brake motors, vibrator motors, and more.

We carry a large stock of geared motors and industrial fans in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. We also offer starters & inverter speed controllers, direct-on-line starters, hazardous area Atex & EEX-D motors and foot/base-mounted electric vibration motors to support your motor control needs. Browse our stock below for a comprehensive look at the electric motors we supply. Contact us for larger sizes and other specifications.

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