Industrial Kitchen Extractor Fans

Not every home has an extractor fan in the kitchen – often it’s assumed that windows will do the same job. Of course, they don’t work as well and are much less likely to be utilised in cold weather. That’s why it’s so important for the quality of your home to have a kitchen extractor fan fitted.

Kitchen extractor fans are designed to remove the airborne particles that come from cooking, and remove moisture from the air. Without moisture, it is harder for any nasty smells to linger, and you’ll find you need to clean your cabinets much less. It also removes heat from the room, preventing mould and mildew from developing.

Even without cooking oil or pungent foods, excess moisture (from boiling water, for instance) can cause damage if left unchecked. There is also the matter of indoor pollutants, which are particularly high in kitchens, as well as the carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and other hazardous by-products of gas burners.

Ideally you should pick an extractor fan that removes the air to outside and replaces it with fresh air, rather than filtering and repurposing air. And don’t forget to clean the filter on your fan!

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