Contra Rotating Axial Fans

The Contra-Foil high-pressure axial fan from Soler Palau is possibly the most suitable fan for kitchen extract on the market! With two impellers for better pressure, a simple and compact design and easy installation, as well as IP65 (weather resistant) as standard, it is both competitively priced and robust.

Contra-Foil fan’s ball bearings are greased for life and allow the fans to be installed at any angle. The rotors are dynamically balanced to ISO 1940. With 450-630 diameter motors protected to IP65 against dust and water jets, and motor insulation Class ‘F’ (from -40C to +70C).

The sizes 450 and 500 are suitable for speed control by either electronic or voltage reduction controllers and the impellers are manufactured in die-cast aluminium, fitted with narrow profiled blades, which provide the maximum efficiency at the maximum flow.

Sizes 450 to 560 are speed controllable in single phase, and the 3-phase models are all inverter speed controllable. All motors are fitted with thermal protection, which should be wired into all controller circuits and into starter contactors.

See a complete overview of all our industrial axial fans or find out about our industrial fan repair service.

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