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Beatson Fan & Motors, based in Sheffield, offer a bespoke electric motor rewinds service.

The business has been family-run in Sheffield since its inception. Our founder, Herbert Beatson, opened a handful of small workshops a disused brewery in 1928, and the business has been handed down through three generations since then. Our current premises on Newhall Road is home to our entire operations, we keep all our stock here, in addition to performing all repairs and rewinds for our customers.

We offer:

  • Free local collection and delivery service for all motor rewinds

  • Free testing and quotation

  • 24-hour service if required

  • Full 12-Month Parts and Labour Guarantee


“Fantastic service, I wish more companies were like this one, thank you Tom Beatson” – Dean Cee, Google

“Commercial and industrial fan suppliers and repairs. Great service and friendly staff.” – Donald Foy, Google

“Friendly helpful service , they have always managed to source what I needed at sensible prices .” – Andrew Ormerod, Google

Get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or call us on 0114 204 4831.

Our Motor Rewinds process

1. First Inspection

You’ll send us the motor, or if you’re local to us we’ll pick it up from you. We will then inspect your motor to determine what the issue is. We may ask you questions related to how often the motor is used, what kind of operating environment it is in, and whether you’ve had any rewinds performed before. This will help us determine the source of the issue so that we can select the right course of action.

2. Dismantling

Unless the issue is evident immediately, it is likely that we will need to dismantle the motor to examine it fully. Our experienced team have dismantled and re-assembled hundreds of motors, so your machine will be in safe hands. After this has been done we will be able to determine the source of the issue and be able to offer you a bespoke quote for the rewind or repair. We are not obliged to re-assemble items which have been dismantled for quotation purposes only.

3. Removal of Winding and Cleaning of Core

If you decide to go ahead with the motor rewind then our team will get on with the task of recording the winding detail on data sheets, before carrying out core loss testing and then removing the old winding. It’s important for the stator core to be properly cleaned at this point so that the motor is properly prepared for rewinding.

4. Rewinding the Motor

Once the motor has been properly prepped we’ll get on with the rewinding, ensuring that the original winding configuration is duplicated for optimal efficiency. In some cases, our engineers may be able to identify a different style of winding that will match the motor’s performance. Once the rewinding is completed, we’ll conduct a series of tests to ensure that all is performing as it should be, before re-assembling the motor.

5. Collection or Delivery

Once the job is completed we’ll happily arrange a free delivery (if you are local to us), or enlist a trusted courier service to deliver you motor. Alternatively, you’re more than welcome to pick up the motor from our shop yourself.


How will someone know when they need a motor rewind?

Your motor may need a rewind if you’ve noticed that it’s underperforming, or if it’s been sparking out frequently. To determine that your motor needs a rewind, you can measure the winding resistance to see if there are shorted coils present. You should be able to find the expected resistance from the motor’s nameplate, if not you can check with the manufacturer. Remember those resistant measurements are temperature sensitive, so let your motor cool down to room temperature before doing your test. Should the measurement fall outside of the expected norms, then you may need to book a rewind.

Alternatively, you can measure the insulation resistance between windings, and between windings and the earth point using a ‘Megger’ instrument to check the IR value. The ideal IR value should be 2M ohms at a minimum, but preferably more than 100M ohms. Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions to protect any thermistors before doing this. A value of fewer than 2M ohms is another indication that the insulation has failed or, at the very least, is deteriorating. Such issues can be developed naturally over time and use, but could also have been caused by power surges or excess vibration. Either way, a rewind may be in order to bring the motor back to full functioning power again.

What is a motor rewind?

A motor wind is a necessary process that enables old or well-used motors to regain some or all of their efficiency. Over time, all motors are prone to lose the efficiency that they initially ran with. Whilst some may find it financially convenient to replace their old motors with new models, this might not be an option for others who rely on a piece of older machinery to aid their processes. A motor rewind performed by skilled, experienced tradesmen can rejuvenate older motors so that they can perform as efficiently as possible. Motor rewinds are often the most cost-effective solutions to servicing smaller motors and is the only service option for obsolete motors.

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We offer a free local collection and delivery service for all motor repairs, as well as free testing and quotation, and a Full 12-Month Parts and Labour Guarantee.

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