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We can build a replacement axial impeller to match your broken one and get you up and running again within a day.

Axial fans use aerofoil blades to move air forward from the axis and are used in all sorts of applications.

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What is meant by axial?

Axial refers to the word ‘axis’, on which a standard aerofoil impeller blade is situated.

What is the difference between axial and radial?

Axial impellers will throw air forwards and radial throws air outwards.

What are the different types of axial impellers?

There are two main types of axial impellers. Aerofoil blades send the air forward and outward in a spiral motion. Sickle bladed fans are more direct. Both have the same effect and are used in many of the same applications.

What are axial impellers used for?

Axial Impellers are used in many applications. Mainly; Plate Mounted fans, Long Cased Axial fans and Bifurcated Fans.

Which impeller is more efficient?

An impeller’s efficiency depends on the application and how much volume and pressure you require.

What is the difference between axial flow and centrifugal flow?

Axial fans move air forwards or backwards, horizontally from the axis, whereas a centrifugal fan moves air away perpendicular to the axis.

What is axial flow fan?

An axial flow fan is a fan that has an axial impeller. Axial flow moves air horizontally from the driven axis of a motor.