Centrifugal Impellers


Why is it called a squirrel cage fan?

Multi-vane Impellers are often called ‘squirrel cage’ fans because of the similarity to a hamster wheel, also known as ‘hamster wheel’ fans.

Why are impeller blades curved?

Impeller blades are curved to effectively direct the air. Like an aeroplane wing uses the curve of the wing to provide lift, with the air being pushed downward, the curve of an impeller blade directs the air in the desired direction.

What is the difference between a blower and a fan?

Fans are fans and blowers are fans. When people refer to blowers they are usually referring to a centrifugal fan unit as the it ‘blows’ the air in a specific direction through a ducted application as opposed to an axial fan that blows air forwards or backwards without the ducted application into atmosphere.

Which is better blower or fan?

Blowers and fans are better at doing different jobs. Blowers excel at providing a powerful, direct airflow; meanwhile, fans are better at cooling a larger area and are also cheaper to run. Which is better for you will depend on your circumstances and needs.

Which type of fan gives more air?

The amount of air that a fan gives will depend on a number of factors. The blade size and the number of fan blades that it has. The wider or longer that you fans blade has the more airflow that will be capable of generating. It, therefore, follows that having more blades will also generate more airflow and generally more pressure.

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