Hi, I’m Tom Beatson

I’m the Managing Director of Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd. Started in the toughest times in 1928 by Herbert Beatson, Beatson Fans & Motors is now a 4th Generation family business.

I’ve made it my goal to continue to offer outstanding Quality and Service, whilst upholding the family ethos: Honesty, Trust, Respect, Proactivity & Pride.

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd have been active members of the AEMT (Association of Electrical & Mechanical Trades) since 1956, ensuring the highest standards within the industry.

Our History

Beatson Fans & Motor Ltd was founded by Herbert Beatson in 1928, in one of a handful of small workshops located inside the disused Hope & Anchor Brewery in Sheffield. As his reputation as a skilled repairman grew, Herbert was able to purchase more workshop units and hire employees. This steady growth continued until the Beatson enterprise owned the entire building, and then the land it was built on.

By 1962, the second generation was ready to take over. Ken Beatson took charge, after buying his brother Vic out of the business and incorporating Beatson with the Companies House. Whilst the business has changed a number of times throughout the years, Beatson has maintained the same company registration since.

Ian Beatson became the third generation to take the reins of the business and further established the reputation of the Beatson name. During this aggressive period of growth, Ian began importing motors into the UK, often sacrificing his next pay-day to put the business another step ahead of their competitors.

In 2005 Beatson moved from its original home to Newhall Road. The current Managing Director, Tom Beatson, was appointed in 2007. The industry has changed dramatically in the 21st Century, but despite being a business firmly rooted in its core values, Beatson is far from resistant to change. Under Tom’s leadership, the firm has sought to adapt to changes in the market, environment and legislation in order to continue thriving, whilst offering the same high standards of customer service that have been the Beatson trademark for four generations.
Managing Director Tom Beatson says:

“Our customers need a service they can rely on and we endeavour to do our best for anyone we can. It is our heritage and depth of knowledge, as well as our national and internet presence, that has helped keep us up to date. We continue to offer the highest standards of quality and service that we always have, whilst looking after our social and economic responsibilities.”

Our Team

Beatson Fan & Motors are first and foremost a family business who are committed to offering unparalleled service and an unrivalled range of stock to our customers. Our engineers have many years of collective experience, with some having worked for the business for over 30 years. In addition to this hands-on knowledge, we also have access to an exhaustive back-catalogue of industry information.

Our comprehensive workshop capabilities are backed up by our extensive knowledge and expertise, so we can do much more than ‘box shift’, because of this experience, Beatson Fans & Motor offer in-depth technical backup and support that many others don’t.