The London Fan Company and Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd have a business relationship that goes back many years.

As well as selling their Breeza/Breezax impellers which can be made to specification from component parts, we also sell their flameproof plate mounted axial fans.

Available in single and three phase from 7.5” diameter to 30” diameter, on short delivery and competitively priced.

See our Industrial fans page for a detailed overview of our industrial fan products and services.

Atex flameproof fans

Fan Dia. Ins. (mm)Speed (RPM)dB(A)@3mFree air12.4 Pa25 POa37.5 Pa50 Pa62.5 Pa75 Pa
7.5 (190)1400400.120.0094
9 (230)900350.1410.117

Atex Fans Dimensions

Nominal Fan DiaFan Impeller DiaA diaBsq.C MaxF TE MaxF FLP MaxH dia. HolesI Fixing Centres (4 Holes)K Arm Centres (4 Holes)

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What does ATEX stand for? 

ATEX stands for Atmospheres Explosible. This term is used to describe a hazardous or potentially explosive environment. Petrol fumes, gas, hydrogen and dust can contribute to an ATEX environment.

What is an ATEX fan? 

An ATEX fan is a fan that is suitable for use in an ATEX environment. There are different categories of ATEX depending on how hazardous the environment.

What is an ATEX rating? 

An ATEX rating is the category rating based on how hazardous an environment is. Gas, Hydrogen, Dust, Battery fumes etc.

What is an ATEX area? 

An ATEX area is an area which is potentially explosive Atmospheres Explosible.

What is the difference between IECEx and Atex? 

For this information you need to speak to Baseefa, we only sell ATEX fans through a 3rd party and it’s only a small part of what we do.

What is a flame-proof fan? 

A flame-proof fan is a fan that is suitable to be used in a potentially explosive or hazardous area.

What does explosion proof mean? 

Explosion proof means that the fan will not spark and cause an explosion in a potentially explosive area such as hydrogen or dust.

What is an explosion-proof fan? 

An explosion-proof fan is suitable to be used in a potentially explosive or hazardous area.

Are brushless fans explosion proof? 

Brushless fans are only explosion proof if they carry the ATEX certification.

Are bathroom fans explosion proof? 

Bathroom fans are not explosion proof.