Upgrading Our BFM B56 Motors

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Here at Beatson, we’re always striving to get better quality in our fans and motors for you – the customer!

Better presentation – don’t you think it simply looks smarter?



Improved paint finish, eliminating all runs and dribbles. We use a powder coat epoxy to get the best protection from harsh environments.



Improved terminal box, now with four screws, a rubber seal and a proper lid, making it much easier to access. Now true IP55!



More robust capacitor covers and seals, made with non-perishable rubber instead of cork.



Improved centrifugal switches – now Class F instead of Class B. Better phase barriers, properly wedged slots and fully taped with glass tape, to allow for better cooling and efficiency. Our Drip Proof Resilient Mounted models also come with spade connectors, making it easier to change the rotation.



Better packing methods – we now used mould injected, high-impact padding instead of cardboard, and import them on secured pallets.



All in all, we believe that the upgrades made to the new BFM B56 have been necessary in order to continue supplying a product that lives up to our standards of Quality and Service at very competitive prices!

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