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Vent-Axia Plate & Cased Axial Fans

If you have a plate mounted axial fan or a short cased axial fan that has ‘Zeihl Abegg’ on it,

Phone us on 0114 2449955

We can do fantastic deals and prices on the Zeihl Abegg manufactured fans but as a Vent-Axia ‘EuroSeries’!!

That’s the ESC and the ESP range


Vent-Axia Hand Dryers

Today I shall mainly be announcing some of the Vent-Axia products we sell.

For a great deal on hand dryers; call 0114 2449955 or email enquiries@beatson.co.uk or sales@beatson.co.uk

The London Fan Company Breezax & Breeza Axial Impellers.


‘Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd’ (originally Beatson & Co) and ‘The London Fan Company‘ have both been in business since 1928. Our relationship spans generations and our combined and individual promise to our customers to provide quality has been proved by our longevity!

We are and always have been proud to be the sole area distributor of Breezax and Breeza impellers.

We hold a large stock of components and can build impellers to customer specification for same day dispatch or on short delivery times.

We can offer a full range of blade materials from Glass Reinforced Polypropylene, Glass Reinforced Nylon and Anti-Static to Aluminium.

From diameter ranges 250mm to1250mm off the shelf.



0114 2449955


Small High Temperature Fans From Stock

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd are proud to present:-

The JSC VOK range of High Temperateure in-line long life small axial fans

Suitable for ducting applications

VOK120/100, VOK135/120 and the VOK150/120

Small axial fans for high temperature applications up to 150 degrees C !!!!!!

For more information Call the sales office:-

0114 2449955

small high temperature fans


Leeson Low Voltage 24 Volt (24V) DC Motors

At Beatson Fans & Motors we like to offer a wide range of products. It’s all in the name and we are your One-Stop Shop!!

We are now selling Leeson 24v DC Motors too!! From 0.06kw to 1.5kw, 1800rpm to 3000rpm 24Volt DC Permanent Magnet

catalogue references as follows M1110026, M1140207, M1130297, M1130206, M1130296, 098067, 098066, 108455, 108456, 108457, 108458.

All at Competative Prices and all on short delivery!!

Leeson DC Motors from you One-Stop-Shop



Tel 0114 2449955

Fax 0114 2449956

Industrial Fans Chesterfield

Thought I’d just write a quickie to let you know that we can offer a collection and delivery service for Industrial Fans and electric motors in Chesterfield!! If you need a repair picking up or if you need a fan or motor dropping off, our free delivery service doesn’t just cover South Yorkshire, but it also covers Chesterfield and Dronfield!! Plus we offer competative prices and a fantastic service nationwide!!

For the best service in industrial fans, plate and cased axial fans, Bifurcated fans, Man-Coolers, B56 Fractional horsepower motors, Standard IEC Metric frame motors, starters, controllers, suds pumps and more….. we are your One-Stop-Shop

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd

Quality & Service Since 1928



Tel: 0114 2449955

Fax: 0114 2449956

Industrial Plate Fan Comparisons


Click on the above link!!

At last. We’ve cross referred the polular plate and cased axial fan references. If you think you have a fan that is no longer manufactured, try checking it against our reference grid. And if it’s not on the grid. Give us a call anyway and we can still help!!



Tel: 0114 2449955

Coming soon; Cased Axial Fans Reference chart.

Electric Motors

Hi Folks!

As you may be aware, we try to keep people updated on what’s happening in this ‘latest news’ section of our website. Sometimes we have a laugh and try to be a bit humorous, sometimes we get on our soapbox and other times we just use this as an extra advertising space!!

We are also going to try and put some educational stuff on too starting with the assembly of three phase electric motors. Hopefully the information found in our latest news section will help you to understand our products as well as understand us as a company!!


Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd. Your “One-Stop-Shop” for Industrial Fans, Electric Motors and Impellers!! Soler & Palau, RotorUK, Breeza, Breezax, London Fan Company, MultiWing, Helios, TEC, Vent-Axia, BFM, Mez, Crompton Controls, BFM b56, Crompton Greaves B56, Crompton Greaves and many, many more.

web: www.beatson.co.uk Email: enquiries@beatson.co.uk Tel:0114 2449955


Regarding the statements claimed on our Soler & Palau Plate and Cased axial fan pages in our stocklist and in our catalogues both in hard copy and on the internet. It appears we havn’t explained ourselves properly and we’ve claimed that Soler and Palau have been manufacturing fans for Vent-Axia for 20 years!! The 20 years is an exaggeration especially when it comes to the ‘Roof-Units’ fans maybe it just feels like 20 years!! But the basic truth is as follows:-

As you know we have been a Vent-Axia stockist for many years and a Soler & Palau stockist for a lot longer!! In fact we’ve been a Soler & Palau stockist since before there was an exclusivity deal between Soler & Palau and Vent-Axia regarding the Plate and Cased axial fans! You see it all happened a long time ago so the dates are very vague!! Our kept records only go back to 1997 but our history with Soler & Palau goes back  a lot longer and we are proud to be their local area stockist!! 

At the time Vent-Axia were selling the Plate and cased axial fans manufactured by Soler & Palau; the P (plate fans i.e. P400-14HIAF) and the C (cased axial fans i.e. C400-14HIBF). Vent-Axia then changed thier structure so that the ‘P’ and ‘C’ range (with the plastic blue impellers) became thier ‘commercial’ range and the same fans but with a metal silver impeller and a slightly different code (SMP and SMC) became the new industrial range. Then in 2001 (ish) Vent-Axia bought out the company Roof-Units (they may have been related to them in some way prior?? We don’t know! Actually I don’t think they were!) Around this time the ‘Roof-Units’ fans stopped being a Ziehl design and became the S&P design but in the same RAL grey colour. These were then badged up as an E (for Euroseries) and CA for Cased Axial (Euroseries) axial fans But they were cheaper than the ‘SMP’ and ‘SMC’

So from the 1990s until now Soler and Palau had supplied their fans (HCB & TCB range) compact axial and plate axial fans to Vent-Axia, who in turn had asked them to be slightly different specifications with different pricing structures!! But essentially all the same fan, same dimensions, same performances, different colours!! This is how it works, using a 400mm diameter 1phase plate fan as an example:-

Soler & Palau ref:   HCBB/4-400/H  This is IP65 best spec and lowest of all the prices with a red impeller.

The V-A ‘Commercial ref:  P400-14 HIAF  Was the most expensive with the blue impeller IP65

The V-A ‘Industrial’ ref  SMP400-14 Was a bit cheaper than above but with a silver impeller IP65

The V-A / R-U ‘Euroseries’ ref E400/4/1A Was cheaper than the above but it was IP54 with a grey metal impeller and case. But it was still very slightly more expensive than the Soler & Palau HCBB fan!!

Clear As Mud!!!!!

The Original And the Best

The Original And the Best

When our 2009 catalogue went to print all the above was true as we understood it!! So that’s what we put in our catalogue. We did get some of the IP ratings wrong as you can see above but all this has been blown out of the water now because Vent-Axia are now sourcing thier fans from Ziehl.

The new Vent-Axia industrial range available from Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd at competative prices!!  www.beatson.co.uk

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd the “One-Stop-Shop” for Industrial fans and electric motors we are stockists for; Soler & Palau, Helios, Vent-Axia, London Fan/Breeza/Breezax, Multi-Wing, BFM, Rotor-UK, TEC, Remco, Crompton Controls and many more!! For information just call 0114 2449955 or email enquiries@beatson.co.uk

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