Beatson Fans & Motors is first and foremost a family business that is committed to offering unparalleled service and an unrivaled range of stock to our customers. Our engineers have many years of collective experience, with some having worked for the business for over 30 years. In addition to this hands-on knowledge, we also have access to an exhaustive back-catalogue of industry information.

Our comprehensive workshop capabilities are backed up by our extensive knowledge and expertise, so we can do much more than ‘box shift’, because of this experience, Beatson Fans & Motor offer in-depth technical backup and support that many others don’t.

Tom Beatson Managing Director

Tom Beatson

Managing Director

Tom has spent 23 years working in the industrial fans and motor industry. After gaining a BTEC in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering from Stannington College, Tom started with the company in 1998, as engineering support (which still included sweeping floors and making the tea). Tom spent the next 5 years building the foundations of his engineering knowledge on the shop floor, eventually moving into the Sales department in 2003. He became Sales Manager in 2005 and then Managing Director in 2010. Since then, he has dedicated his professional career to aiding other businesses with their fan and motor needs.

Tom says:

“Although the subject of ‘Industrial Fans & Electric Motors’ sounds like it could send a glass eye to sleep, it’s a very varied and interesting subject. No one day is the same!

We have helped with some huge projects over the years. Some of my favourites are the 36 1000mm roof fans for a recycling centre in Reading, some 2 metre diameter fans for a manufacturing plant in India, and even some motors for James Bond and Jaws (although a bit before my time).

It’s also interesting getting to know our customers and building relationships with our suppliers and finding out how they ended up in the industry. After all, who actually said “I want to be a fan salesman” in careers in school? I wanted to be a rock star!”

Chris Pearson Engineer Beatson

Chris Pearson


Chris started as our engineering apprentice in 1986 at the age of 18 and passed his City & Guilds qualification whilst being with the company. He’s our longest-standing individual member of staff who isn’t a Beatson by name!

After 35 years of being with the company, what Chris doesn’t know can be written on the back of a postage stamp. He’s known for his vast knowledge and adaptability.

Chris says:

“It’s the variety of the job that makes it interesting! There are people who only do motors, some who only do gearboxes, some only do pumps and others who only sell fans. We do the lot, including starters, inverters, and all the bits and bobs that go with the industry. This makes us conversant in all rotating equipment conversations, which makes us unique in our industry. I know I play my skills down sometimes, but I like to do what I do and keep a relatively low profile.”

John Engineer Beatson

John Maples


John has been with Beatson Fans and Motors since 1995 after working in various sectors of the rotating machinery industry. John became a fully qualified armature winder in 1979, along with his other twelve City & Guilds qualifications. John has seen it, done and got the t-shirt (and the hat, coat, boots, and socks!).

John’s technical expertise, first-hand knowledge of various sectors of our industry, and even a brief stint in the catering industry mean that we are more adaptable than many of our rivals.

John says:

“If you aren’t prepared to take the time to do the job properly in the first place, what makes you think you have the time to do it again? It’s all in the detail and I pride myself on my work.”

Sarah Company Secretary Beatson

Sarah Beatson

Accounts & Company Secretary

Sarah has been with Beatson Fans & Motors since 2003 after her daughter, Harriet, was able to attend nursery school.

Sarah was the obvious choice for the company following the departure of their receptionist at the time (who was only part-time) as we needed someone we can trust who has fantastic organisation skills and holds the company’s interests at heart.

Sarah also has a varied background including owning a florist shop, running and performing as lead singer in a working function band, working the night shift for ‘192 directory enquiries’ (for those old enough to remember when you needed a taxi at 3am), and also as office manager for Synectic Systems.

By the time Margaret Beatson retired in 2010, Sarah was more than qualified to take over the role of accounts and company secretary. She continues to do so, whilst running the office with an iron fist.

Sarah says:

“I run a tight ship – someone has to keep an eye on Tom and the team!”