More Gobbledegook

There’s nothing much to say, so I think I’ll make it clear,

That Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd isn’t all that dear,

It’s the service that you pay for and our prices are quite good,

With full professional back-up, we’ll even fit the plug!!

We’d prefer to use controllers and starters all from stock,

And it’s at this exact moment that I just get writers block!!

So now I’ll change the subject and talk about the weather,

I’m fed up of it being so flippin’ gloomy! I’m at the end of my tether!

Now I can tell you about our fans industrial old and new

and tell you about our team they’re a really decent crew,

We’ve got a new recruit to make the office a bit more merry,

Sorting out the paperwork and organising us all is…. Kerry!

Way more efficient than Snoozy, Natalie and Lorraine

Kerry’s not just a pretty face but she actually has a brain!!

So when it comes to service and team and products too,

We know for sure, we really are the One-Stop-Shop for you!!

0114 2449955