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Industrial Fans Online

Buying online makes life a bit easier!

Buying online from a reputable business that can offer backup and support can make life even easier!

Buying from Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd ensures that you have technical backup and advice from the get go.

Just call our engineers and ask: 0114 2449955

Fan & Motor Repairs South Yorkshire

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd have been in business since 1928

We have been repairing and rewinding electric motors and industrial fans (as well as pumps, gearboxes and all related products) ever since.

We are also Sheffield’s largest independent stockist of industrial fans and electric motors.

Our ethos is very simple ‘Quality & Service’. to offer quality products and the best service we can!

B56 Motor










Industrial Fans & Fan Repairs UK


Repairing any type of fan unit requires more knowledge and expertise than just rewinding a motor.

Not only have we been rewinding and repairing electric motors , pumps, gearboxes and all related products since 1928

We have also been repairing industrial and commercial fans as well as selling them.

With our fully comprehensive workshop facilities and many years of experience, we really do have the knowledge…

Chris in da hood


0114 2449955



Vortice QBK Kitchen Fans

The Vortice range of QBK Kitchen fans is awesome!

Plus they are fantastically priced and excellent quality!!

What more could you ask for?

QBK Kitchen FanVortice Logo


0114 2449955



Everyday Uses of Electric Motors

The Definitive Guide to Electric Motors – PART 3

In the third section of our guide to Electric Motors, we take you through the small motors you use every day and advancements in electric vehicle technology.

Where Are They?

Electric motors are used in an absolutely incredible number of objects – in fact it would be incredibly difficult to get through your day without using one. Take this average day for instance.

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Electric Motors – What Are They & How Do They Work?

The Definitive Guide To Electric Motors – PART 2

In the second part of our guide to Electric Motors, we take a quick look at how they work and some applications for the most common types of motor.

An electric motor is a machine which is powered by electricity and converts it into a mechanical force. There are a number of devices which do this such as a loudspeaker or industrial fan for example, but the electric motor specifically generates ROTARY motion. This rotary motion can drive a shaft on which other mechanical elements can be driven. This motion can then be applied to drive the machinery behind things as small as a wristwatch to gigantic ship propulsion propellers. Electric motors are quickly replacing the more traditional hydraulic cylinders in airplanes and also in some military equipment.

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The History of Electric Motors

The Definitive Guide To Electric Motors – PART 1

As the first part of our complete guide to Electric Motors, we take a look at the complex and contentious history of electric motor invention.

The history of electric motors is a long and complicated one. Many elements went into the creation of what we know today as electric motors; you could examine back as far as the 600 BC when Thales of Miletus wrote about what we now know as static electricity, and as up-to-date as the newest electric vehicles. As such, timelines usually differ in small ways, and this is by no means a definitive list of all relevant inventions; we have only tried to create as accurate a timeline pertaining to electric motors specifically. The timeline is muddled further as many people throughout the world were independently working on the same projects, meaning often the inventor who secured the patent is credited as the true creator.
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Industrial Fans South Yorkshire

So, here I am at 6am writing a blog on the computer about fans!

It’s Friday morning and we are wide awake as my daughter sets off to do ice dance!

When we are at the rink, we have time to think about all of the things that we do!

Offering quality and service for 85 years is the family motto too!!

We sell axial plate fans and replace impellers, short cased axial fans we’ve got plenty,

Sheffield largest independant stockist, for industrial fans I’m having a poetry frenzy!

We make axial impellers from stock componenets by Breeza and Breezax and others!

there’s more things to mention, like bifurcated fans as there’s still more stock items to cover!!

Long cased axial fans built to your spec, be them standard, imperial or strange!

There’s box fans to mention, out of the air stream or in, thery’re a new product in our vast range,

And the centrifugal impellers built to your size and the chip shop fans here on the shelf!

Whatever you need regarding industrial fans we are here to help you help yourself!

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd since 1928, are hear to help you reduce breakdown!

Competetive prices, knowledge and service, we even have someone from Clowne!






0114 2449955

Fan Impellers built to Your Specification or Sample

It’s the ‘Fans’ in the Beatson Fans & Motors!!

We are a stockist of Breeza and Breezax impeller components by the London Fan Company

All we need is a few simple details and we can build an impeller to your specification from stock!

We can also build centrifugal (hamster wheel) impellers to your dimensions on very short delivery and we have ‘chip shop fans’ or impellers ready to go in sizes 10″, 11″ and 12″



for more details call our sales team 0114 2449955

for axial impellers download our information sheet www.beatson.co.uk/wp-content/themes/beatson/pdf/axial-impeller-form.pdf 

visit our website www.beatson.co.uk

Industrial Fans Sheffield

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd

Industrial Fans from Stock!!

Plate mounted Axial Fans,

Short Cased Axial Fans

Long Cased Axial Fans

Bifurcated Axial Fans

In-Line Centrifugal Duct Fans

Box Fans, Acoustic Fans & Backward Curved Centrifugal (motor out of air-stream) Fans

Man-Cooler Fans

Small and Large Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Axial Impellers-Built to spec

Centrifugal Impellers-Built to spec

Roof Fans

Basket/Guard mounted Fans

Rock Fans………………….



0114 2449955


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