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HCBB/4-500/H Plate Mounted Fan Sheffield

From Stock

Competitive Prices!












Call the sales team! 0114 2449955

A Great Big Thank You!!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Good evening Folks,

It’s that time again!

I think that has been one of the quickest years yet!!

Well, you know what they say about time when you are having fun… 😛

We’d like to thanks all our customers old and new from the bottom of our hearts, for using Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd

we’d also like to thank the suppliers and their tremendous service that has allowed us to offer our tremendous service

From all at Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd A HUGE THANK YOU

We wish you a very merry Christmas & Happy and prosperous New Year! xxx

New Fan Packages from S&P at ‘FAN’-TASTIC Prices

FOLLOW THE LINK “S&P Kitchen extract package” BELOW TO SEE THE NEW S&P PROMOTION!! It’s the heading in blue/grey written under this…

S&P Kitchen extract package

Call us on 0114 2449955 for details and amazing discounts and three year warranty!!!!!















Your One-Stop-Shop

Industrial Fans Online

Buying online makes life a bit easier!
Buying online from a reputable business that can offer backup and support can make life even easier!
Buying from Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd ensures that you have technical backup and advice from the get go!!
Just call our engineers and ask… 

0114 2449955   

90 Years of Quality & Service

We are 90 years old today!

90 years of supporting manufacturing, engineering and catering in Sheffield and across the country!

90 years of the best engineers with knowledge and expertise that is second to none.

90 years of having the best service because of our awesome team.

90 years of personal service with a Beatson always at the helm.

90 years of care and trust.

Our core values, Honesty, Trust, Respect, Proactivity & Pride have, and do make sure that we can offer the best service we can!

0114 2449955

It’s ALL About The Service


Here at Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd we only employ people who uphold our core values:-






It’s all about Quality & Service and it always hes been since 1928...

Our prices and service are competitive & HONEST (even if it loses us a sale…).

we have a team of engineers who have knowledge that is second to none (over 60 years collectively) which means that we can TRUST their expertise when it comes to all aspects of electric motors, fans, pumps, geared-motors, transformers and all related products

We RESPECT each other as well as our customer and suppliers and we always endeavour to be PROACTIVE in our approach to helping our customers because we have PRIDE in what we do.

That’s why this year we are celebrating 90 years in business!!


Industrial Fans, Electric Motors, Pumps, Gear-motors, Sales & Repairs.

It’s all about the service!

It’s easy to go online and find the ‘cheapest’ price, but what service do you get afterwards?

Does Ebay have a team of engineers who are fully qualified to help you after you have bought a product?

Does your Ebay seller have 90 years of knowledge and experience to back up your technical enquiries?

Can you call your Ebay supplier and ask for help and advice? Can you pop in and see your Ebay seller at a trade counter?

Our team are here on hand to professionally help you to buy the right products at the right price! we can also repair stuff too!

Industrial fans, Electric Motors, Pumps, Geared Motors, VAC Pumps and all related products. Sales & Repairs. Sheffield, South Yorkshire and beyond!











Huge Stock… Of the shelf at our trade counter… The awesome team that can repair anything and give proven technical advice!!!

0114 2449955


Good News!

Good Morrow Peoples!

It’s been a good week for Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd.

This week we have smashed our quarterly targets thanks to our awesome sales team!

Our Apprentice Nick Bailey has received the coveted IET (Institute of Engineering & Technology) Apprentice of the year award!

As we are investing in the future of Beatson Fans & Motors, this is a fantastic step forward. Nick fits in well with our awesome team of engineers and has brought his own unique style to the company.

Nick has plans! Big plans! and we aren’t going to stop him…

As well as Nick’s success, Tracey our warehouse manager / delivery driver has got all the B56 FHP motors in their proper place, ready for another batch to arrive! They are flying our fast!!

FYI, we have had a string of warehouse operatives who of seemed a little lackluster. But Tracey is on it like a scotch bonnet and keeps us all in check!

Give Nick a click…


                                                                           Nick Award – Copy 



Stay Cool When The Heat Is On…

It might not be sunny, but it’s warm and muggy!

It gets uncomfortable to work and your clothes get soggy!

Buy a fan from us and get it pointed at your team…

The coolness will help them and they will be far more keen…

To get on with their day without complaint.

They’ll say “our boss is great” stingey they ain’t!

So come get a fan! Man-Coolers they’re called

To keep everyone cool that works in your world!







Call 0114 2449955 and speak to our sales team for more information.

The Institution Of Engineering and Technology Apprentice Awards 2017


Our Engineering Maintenance apprentice has been nominated for a major apprenticeship award. Nicklas Bailey, has made the shortlist for the Institution Of Engineering and Technology Apprentice Awards 2017. He has been nominated for the Engineering student of excellence.

Nick said

“It was a shock to find out that I had been nominated for an award but it’s great to see that all the hard work is paying off”

“It has been a difficult year after suffering a cardiac arrest in November and I feel very privileged to have found a company that is so supportive with not only my professional learning and development but also on a personal level”

“I am learning skills that will set me up in the company for the rest of my life”

Tom Beatson, our managing director said

“I knew the minute he walked in to our premises that Nick meant business! He was thrown in at the deep end due staff shortages and people on holiday and it was like he’s been here years!”

“Nick has developed quickly within our team and he is eager to learn and has high expectations and he’s not scared to tell us! He scared the ‘Foo-foo-Caca’ out of us when he had his cardiac arrest! So we took the mickey out of him until he was better… “

“He’s caught himself up in his studies and continues to push us as a company as we have to try and stay one step ahead! Nick is definitely an asset to our team and we are very proud of his achievements!!”


Managing Director Tom Beatson (left) pictured with apprentice Nick (bottom center), Senior Engineers John Maples (right) and Chris Pearson (rear)

For more information on Beatson Fans And Motors call 0114 244 9955. Alternatively, follow us on Twitter @IndustrialFans or ‘like’ Beatson Fans And Motors on Facebook as ‘Beatson Fans & Motors’

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