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Centrifugal Impellers

What is an impeller fan?

Impeller fans, also known as centrifugal fans or hamster wheel cages, are mechanical devices used to move air in a direction that is at an angle to the incoming source. Impeller fans are often connected to ducted housing which allows the air to be funnelled into a particular direction.

How does an impeller fan work?

Impeller fans work largely due to positive pressure created by incoming air onto the convex side of the blades, this pushes the fan into motion which then leads to further force in the air. As the fan’s blades are pushed, air exits at an angle and negative pressure which draws more air into the fan and causes the fan to keep moving continuously.

Why is it called a squirrel cage fan?

Squirrel cage fans, are sometimes known as centrifugal blowers; and take their common name from their similarity to a hamster wheel.

Why are impeller blades curved?

Impeller blades are curved in order to create both a convex and concave spaces which respectively create positive and negative pressure that creates the continuous motion that impeller fans are known for.

What is the difference between a blower and a fan?

There are a few major differences between impeller fans and blowers. Fans are electrical devices, whereas blowers are mechanical devices. Whilst fans circulate air around in every direction, blowers use impellers to channel air in one specific direction. Fans push air across along the axis of the rotor, whereas blowers use the centrifugal force created by the impeller fans to blow air in a specific direction. Fans are capable of moving large amounts of air at low pressures but do so at a specific pressure ratio of 1:1, whereas blowers move large columns of air at a ratio of 1:1-1:2.

Which is better blower or fan?

Blowers and fans are better at doing different jobs. Blowers excel at providing a powerful, direct airflow; meanwhile, fans are better at cooling a larger area and are also cheaper to run. Which is better for you will depend on your circumstances and needs.

Which type of fan gives more air?

The amount of air that a fan gives will depend on its blade size and the number of fan blades that it has. The wider or longer that you fans blade has the more airflow that will be capable of generating. It, therefore, follows that having more blades will also generate more airflow.

Centrifugal Fan Wheels From Stock

Beatson makes centrifugal fan wheels to any required specifications as well as having the 10-inch, 11-inch and 12-inch chip-shop fan wheels on the shelf. We can offer small aluminium impellers in various sizes as well as mild steel impellers from 150mm to 2000mm diameter. All these products come at very competitive prices.

All we need is the diameter, width and bore size as well as the direction of airflow. Our sales team can guide you through the requirements. We stock both single and double inlet fan wheels or backward curved. These are available in mild steel, stainless steel and alloy. Zinc and epoxy coating optional.


Get in touch with us with your required dimensions and specification, and we’ll get back to you with a competitive price. Alternatively, let us know about your needs and we can create a unit that will be right for you.