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Industrial & Commercial Box Fans

There’s always an alternative to using standard axial duct fans in industrial applications and commercial kitchen extraction.

Available in sizes from 250mm to 710mm is the ‘GigaBox’ range by Helios Ventilation Systems Ltd is a world leader!

The ‘GigaBox’ can be configured to move air horizontally, vertically or both! In some case eliminating the need for unsightly bends on the outside of your restaurant or takeaway wall.

Fully versatile in a number of applications these fans are desiged to move dirty, humid and hot air volumes up 120°C

The motor is located out of the air-stream.

Temperature insulated partition panel between motor and impeller, lined with 20mm thick, flame-retardant mineral wool.

Easily accessible motor and impeller unit, removable without having to disassemble the whole unit.

Inspection cover with handle for easy cleaning and maintenance

Condensation collector with condensate spigot included in delivery

Drill hole for rain drainage for outdoor installations.