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If your bathroom doesn’t have an extractor fan right now, you should seriously consider getting one.

While building codes only demand ventilation in bathrooms without working windows, the truth is that opening your window after every shower or bath isn’t just impractical, but less effective. The presence of a bathroom fan can have an effect on the whole house.

Why do I need bathroom ventilation?

Bathrooms are wet rooms and are constantly being infiltrated by damp. When this damp is allowed to remain, it can seep into the walls and develop mould and mildew which can cause serious structural problems. Without a bathroom ceiling extractor fan this damp can increase, and any bad smells in the bathroom are more likely to linger. If your bathroom has airtight walls and ceilings it is at an even higher risk.

Mould tends to grow in bathrooms where there is no or little insulation, which is why it may appear near exterior walls, where the insulation is thinner. The smaller the bathroom, the greater risk it is at. Ideally, you should also have a ½ inch gap under your bathroom door.

If your bathroom stays steamy after washing, or you notice condensation on the walls, you definitely need an extractor fan.


What kind of fan?domestic-fans

When you come to get your new bathroom extractor fan, you will need to consider the size, shape and use of your bathroom. A standard extractor fan is around 50 CFM; more needs to be added for baths, showers and other whirlpool tubs however. Additionally if the room is small, or is used a lot of the time (for instance by a large family) you will need a more efficient fan with a higher CFM.

Some fans circulate air through filters and repurpose the same air, while others expel air outside and bring in fresh air to replace it.

A good bathroom exhaust fan will be an appropriate size for your bathroom, energy-efficient, and as quiet as you can manage while still fulfilling the first two requirements. The right size fan will move and replace the air in the room eight times an hour.

If you’re unsure of what size extractor fan you need, please get in touch! If in doubt, go for a slightly higher CFM than you feel you need.