Good News!

Good Morrow Peoples!

It’s been a good week for Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd.

This week we have smashed our quarterly targets thanks to our awesome sales team!

Our Apprentice Nick Bailey has received the coveted IET (Institute of Engineering & Technology) Apprentice of the year award!

As we are investing in the future of Beatson Fans & Motors, this is a fantastic step forward. Nick fits in well with our awesome team of engineers and has brought his own unique style to the company.

Nick has plans! Big plans! and we aren’t going to stop him…

As well as Nick’s success, Tracey our warehouse manager / delivery driver has got all the B56 FHP motors in their proper place, ready for another batch to arrive! They are flying our fast!!

FYI, we have had a string of warehouse operatives who of seemed a little lackluster. But Tracey is on it like a scotch bonnet and keeps us all in check!

Give Nick a click…


                                                                           Nick Award – Copy