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Electric Motor Rewinds Sheffield

If you need a motor winding or repairing or even a new one.

We are the one-stop-shop for you!

0114 2449955

Industrial Fans, pumps, geared motors and more!

this is shameless advertising! Visit our on-line store!

Stay Cool!!

Man-Coolers Ex-Stock!!

Available in 110V and 230V

0114 2449955

There’s Nothing Wrong with Monday!

Without Monday, we’d all hate Tuesday! So stop giving Monday a hard time!

The best thing about Monday is that it is the start of the week. A new week, with new challenge!

An opportunity to help our customers, an opportunity to get better at what we do! Which is difficult, because we are already fantastic at what we do!

Have a great Day!

Friday Morning Darftness!

It’s Friday which is nice,

ready for a beer as cold as ice,

The weekend is ahead,

We can have a lie in in bed,

Go to the pub and take the dog for a walk

sit about watching telly, eating curry with a fork,

play guitar and visit our friends,

Or go camping, it depends,

depends on the weather ‘cos it always rains,

soon the weekend will be over and we’ll be back at work again,

the sun will come out Monday morning,

as our new week is dawning,

only to rain again next Friday to Sunday,

can’t the weekend be Sunday and Monday,

Don’t drink too much and make yourself ill,

We hope you have a great weekend and have time to chill!!


Rock On Peeps!!!

Industrial Repairs South Yorkshire

Hello and welcome to Thursday!

We’ve got the Dad back today, filling in whilst I’m at an all day meeting! Don’t we love meetings?!! Please go gentle on him, he’s a bit rusty on the computers, but he still knows his stuff when it comes to industrial fans and electric motors, as well as pumps, controllers, starters inverters, technical stuff etc…

Today’s meeting is to help organize ourselves to so that we can improve our service further! So it’s essential for us, you, them, everybody…! Everybody needs somebody!

So, a quick reminder; not only do we sell industrial fans, electric motors, inverters, starters, pumps, impellers and fan wheels and all related products. We also repair them!

We offer motor rewinds, fan balancing, impellers built to your specification, fan wheels built to your specification, fan refurbishment, modifications, fabrication…. Basically, we have fully comprehensive workshop facilities run by our highly skilled engineers. We offer a fast, friendly, efficient service with free (no obligation) quotes!



0114 2449955


Electric Motor Repairs Sheffield

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd have been in business since 1928.

We have been rewinding repairing and rewinding motors in Sheffield ever since.

It’s all about Quality & Service!!

For your One-Stop-Shop call our sales team 0114 2449955

Or visit our website www.beatson.co.uk

Or visit our on-line shop www.beatson.co.uk/store 

Fast, Friendly, Efficient, Knowledgeable and Full Of Stock!

It’s true!

We are what we say on the tin! Like other great British Sheffield companies!

Beatson (since 1928)

Fans: Of all types, short cased axial, long cased axial, plate mounted, in-line centrifugal, centrifugal, axial impellers, centrifugal impellers…… etc

& (we offer great service)

Motors: Of all types including; chip shop fan motors, B56 frame motors, metric motors from 0.18kw to 150kw, rewinds, repairs… And it’s all ex-stock!

Ltd: Only by business status. But not by service, stock or knowledge!!




0114 2449955

Buy a spare when you have your repair!

Your business relies on it,

you can’t work without it,

It might drive a conveyor,

It might cool something down,

It probably extracts dust?

Either way it’s a must!

Don’t get caught out again.

Buy a spare when you have your repair.

It makes sense in the long run!!

0114 2449955


Commercial & Industrial Man-Coolers Ex-Stock

Good Morning Folks,

Hope the rain isn’t getting you down too much!! I love this time of year, the rain gets slightly warmer!!


Eventually, I suppose, the sun will actually come out. Are you prepared for when it does? Are you prepared for the heat?

We are currently stocking up on 500mm diameter, speed controllable, HD-commercial man-coolers as well as our fully industrial heavy duty man-coolers! Don’t wait until your team are at their wits end because of the heat. Buy now!!

For a competitive quote and a fast, friendly, efficient service call our sales team on 0114 2449955 or visit our online shop


Inverters For HVAC Invertek South Yorkshire

Good Morning,

We have Invertek Drives Inverters for all types of applications from stock!

Check out our HVAC range of inverters and our standard inverters! Easy and simple to operate and understand!

Just like us!! 🙂



0114 2449955

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