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‘TEC’ing On New Stock!!

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd are now the local area distributor for TEC Motors.

TEC Electric Motors, although being a new company, have proved thier place in the market. Quality motors at competative prices backed up by a great service. A company with a strong vision who are motivated and ambitious. Just like Beatson Fans & Motors!! That’s why we are happy to be part of the TEC distributorship within the UK. We are now holding a fully comprehensive range of single and three phase metric motors, as well as gearboxes and inverters. 

By being part of the TEC network, Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd, really are the ‘One Stop Shop’ for everything to do with industrial fans, electric motors, gear motors, inverters,control gear and all fan and motor related products!

Don’t forget. If we can’t replace it, we can repair it!!! Our highly skilled engineers are able to repair pretty much anything when it comes to industrial fans, electric motors and all replacement products!! facilities include; rewinds, repairs, refurbishment, dynamic balancing, fan repairs and manufacturing, assembling and machining!!

With our fully comprehensive stock and workshop capabilities we really do ‘TEC’ some beating!!!

Call 0114  2449955, email enquiries@beatson.co.uk web www.beatson.co.uk  Call the Beatson Team Now!!


I am Tom Beatson!! The MD!! I am also the proud father of Harriet Beatson!! She is only 9yrs old!!



I am the proudest Dad in the world right now!! Thankyou 🙂

Why Being In Business Is Interesting:-

We have been in business since 1928…..
We have been pleasing and displeasing our customers ever since.
We have been cussed and discussed, boycotted, talked about, lied to, hung up, held up robbed etc…
Since moving in to our new premises in 2005 we have been rammed by a car, had a lorry knock down our gates,we’ve been flooded, sworn at and abused by the clientele of the PDSA who keep letting there dogs crap on our front, and more recently, evacuated due to an un-exploded bomb!!

The only reason we are staying in business is to see…

For information on Industrial Fans, Man-Coolers, Electric Motors and all related products. Or if you just want advice on fans and motors 

Call: 0114 2449955

Email: enquiries@beatson.co.uk

Web: www.beatson.co.uk

It Aint ‘alf ‘ot Mum!!!

Eee bloomin’ ‘eck!! It’s not only hot, it’s hot and wet!! There’s only one thing to do!! Stay cool!! Cool seems to work for most things doesn’t it? Engines, machinery, computers, cats dogs, chinchillas, beer!! that’s how many things work properly. By staying cool!!
The same goes for your work-force. Keep your productivity up by keeping your team cool!! Phone us at Beatsons and we can offer you a Man-cooler!! We have heavy duty three phase man coolers, 240V 1phase man coolers, 110v man coolers, you can have big man coolers on wheels and litttle man coolers with carry handles. It’s all there on our website www.beatson.co.uk or you can email us on enquiries@beatson.co.uk or if you prefer, just give us a call on 0114 2449955 to discuss how to stay as cool as us!

Don’t forget; as well as selling man-coolers we also sell industrial plate and cased axial fans, bifurcated fans, centrifugal fans, axial impellers, centrifugal fan wheels, in-line duct fans, pressure fans and lots more as well as being a stockist of electric motors three phase and single phase in standard metric, fractional horsepower and the sole stockist of the BFM B56 motors.

Don’t forget if we can’t replace it we could repair it!! We have fully comprehensive workshop capabilities including motor rewinds, fan repairs, mechanical repairs, electrical repairs, dynamic balancing, machining, bespoke fan designs and fabrication. All run by our highly skilled, very qualified engineers!!

Just keep cool!! like a chinchilla? www.beatson.co.uk


Being the Managing Director of Beatson Fans & Motors wasn’t the original plan!! Or that’s what I kept telling myself!!

As a teenager all I wanted to be was a rock star!! I did it all; learned the electric guitar, did heavy metal bands with my school friends, went to college and even got a degree in music, joined a ‘proper’ band, toured the UK and Europe and gigged every weekend for 12 years!! Until it finally dawned on me that I was working un-sociable hours, chasing little bits of money up and down the motorway and not seeing enough of my beautiful wife and fantastic daughter. So I changed my life a lot in a short space of time and I have never looked back. I play my guitar for fun now, I dont have to play what I think people might like or whatever dross is in the charts. I play what I like!! I’ve even started writing again!! But there was one thing throughout all those years of gigging that I always had to make sure I never ran out of . Guitar strings!!!!!!

A guitar string only costs about 80p. A whole packet of guitar strings costs about £5.00. The potential earnings for one night’s gigging was about £300 (less agents fees, van, overheads and tax). but there was absolutely no way on God’s earth that I was going to lose out on a whole night’s work just for the sake of 80p. A concept in engineering, manufacturing and for business owners that seems completely alien!!

How many times in this industry have you heard ” But the whole plant is down and we’re losing £3000 a day!!!!” When it all rests on one small specialized motor or a wierd type of fan, that normally takes 4-6 working weeks from the manufacturer? the cost of which is probably less than half of a days turnover? Just have a spare!! then if that absolutely vital motor or fan does fail there won’t be any disastrous gaps in trade or manufacturing!! Less stress, less hassle, more profit in the long run!!

Have a think how you could prevent the inevitable. Have a good proper think. Do I need to call Beatson Fans and Motors?? 0114 2449955 or email them even on enquiries@beatson.co.uk I think so!! 🙂

Remember! Don’t cancel the gig over a broken string !!

Man Coolers, Industrial Fans, Massive Savings!!

Save £££ On Heavy Duty Industrial Man Coolers, Commercial Man-Coolers and Pedestal Fans!! We’re in for a hot summer and keeping your workforce cool will keep your productivity up!

Also at fantastic prices; we have plate and cased axial fans, in-line centrifugal fans, BFM B56 (fractional horsepower) Motors, Metric Frame Single and Three Phase Motors, all types of Fractional Horsepower Motors and much more. If we can’t replace it, we’ll repair it!! just visit our website www.beatson.co.uk and check out our on-line shop

we have a fully equipped workshop run by highly qualified and experienced professionals!! We offer free testing / diagnosis, fee local collection and delivery, fast efficient and friendly service!!

Call: 0114 2449955   email: enquiries@beatson.co.uk   or visit our website (and on-line shop): www.beatson.co.uk    

Stay Cool

New Website

Welcome to our new website.

You can now view our full catalogue and also buy our products online at our new online store.

Call our office for great deals on Man-coolers, Plate Mounted Axial Fans, and Short Cased Axial Fans. the weathers getting hot, hot, hot and so are our deals!! call 0114 2449955

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