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Vent-Axia Plate & Cased Axial Fans

If you have a plate mounted axial fan or a short cased axial fan that has ‘Zeihl Abegg’ on it,

Phone us on 0114 2449955

We can do fantastic deals and prices on the Zeihl Abegg manufactured fans but as a Vent-Axia ‘EuroSeries’!!

That’s the ESC and the ESP range


Vent-Axia Hand Dryers

Today I shall mainly be announcing some of the Vent-Axia products we sell.

For a great deal on hand dryers; call 0114 2449955 or email enquiries@beatson.co.uk or sales@beatson.co.uk

Jamie Has Got a Beard!!

This month, Jamie shall mainly be sporting a beard for ‘Movember’!!

A Nonsense Poem by John Lennon

“He is putting it lithely when he says
Quobble in the Grass
Strab he down the soddieflays
Amo amat amass
Amonk, amink, a minibus
Amarmylaidie Moon
Amikky mendip multiplus
Amighty midgey spoon
And so I traddled onward
Caring not a care
Onward, Onward, Onward.
(yells loudly) Onward my friends, and glory for the fifty-ninth!!”


Thanks Mr Lennon

It’s about the TEAM

It’s true!!





And that is why we really are your One-Stop-Shop for all industrial fans, electric motors and all related products!!

When you call to Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd, you will be greeted by one of our friendly team members immediately. On Sales we have Andy & Jamie, when it comes to product knowledge of industrial fans and electric motors they really do know the business!! For a fast and friendly quote there is no-one better than our super sales team!!

If you require a repair or some technical knowledge, there’s our engineers!! John & Chris!! Due to the nature of our business and the wide variety of products we deal with, they have extensive knowledge in all types of mechanical and electrical engineering, rewinds, repairs, fabrication, balancing and machining. Both fully qualified and both very experienced!! The best in Sheffield and the best in the industry!!

Being a family business and having that personal touch means that we can offer a faster more friendly service by people who actually care!!!

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd!! Your One-Stop-Shop!!!



0114 2449955

The London Fan Company Breezax & Breeza Axial Impellers.


‘Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd’ (originally Beatson & Co) and ‘The London Fan Company‘ have both been in business since 1928. Our relationship spans generations and our combined and individual promise to our customers to provide quality has been proved by our longevity!

We are and always have been proud to be the sole area distributor of Breezax and Breeza impellers.

We hold a large stock of components and can build impellers to customer specification for same day dispatch or on short delivery times.

We can offer a full range of blade materials from Glass Reinforced Polypropylene, Glass Reinforced Nylon and Anti-Static to Aluminium.

From diameter ranges 250mm to1250mm off the shelf.



0114 2449955


Short Cased Axial Fans

Good morning again! And so now we continue with our blog from yesterday!!

The same principles apply to the short cased axial fans as to those of the plate mounted axial fans. There are two main manufacturers; Soler & Palau and Ziehl Abegg. The manufacturing grid is as follows:-

Soler & Palau manufactured short cased axial fans

TCBB/4-315/H is also the CA315/4/1B or an SMC315-14 or a C315-14 [single phase fan]

TCBT/4-315/H is also the CA315/4/3B or an SMC315-34 or a C315-34 [three phase fan]

TCBB/4-355/H is also the CA350/4/1B or an SMC355-14 or a C355-14 [single phase fan]

TCBT/4-355/H is also the CA350/4/3B or an SMC355-34 or a C355-34 [three phase fan]

TCBB/4-400/H is also the CA400/4/1B or an SMC400-14 or a C400-14 [single phase fan]

TCBT/4-400/H is also the CA400/4/3B or an SMC400-34 or a C400-34 [three phase fan]

TCBB/4-450/H is also the CA450/4/1B or an SMC450-14 or a C450-14 [single phase fan]

TCBT/4-450/H is also the CA450/4/3B or an SMC450-34 or a C450-34 [three phase fan]

TCBB/4-500/H is also the CA500/4/1B or an SMC500-14 or a C500-14 [single phase fan]

TCBT/4-500/H is also the CA500/4/3B or an SMC500-34 or a C500-34 [three phase fan]

TCBB/4-560/H is also the CA560/4/1B or an SMC560-14 or a C560-14 [single phase fan]

TCBT/4-560/H is also the CA560/4/3B or an SMC560-34 or a C560-34 [three phase fan]

TCBB/4-630/H is also the CA630/4/1B or an SMC630-14 or a C630-14 [single phase fan]

TCBT/4-630/H is also the CA630/4/3B or an SMC630-34 or a C630-34 [three phase fan]


Then of of course there is the Ziehl Abegg Manufactured fans


ZAC 315-41 is also the ESC31514 [single phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC315-43 is also the ESC31534 [three phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC 350-41 is also the ESC35514 [single phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC350-43 is also the ESC35534 [three phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC 400-41 is also the ESC40014 [single phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC400-43 is also the ESC40034 [three phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC 450-41 is also the ESC45014 [single phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC450-43 is also the ESC45034 [three phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC 500-41 is also the ESC50014 [single phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC500-43 is also the ESC50034 [three phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC 560-41 is also the ESC56014 [single phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC560-43 is also the ESC56034 [three phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC 630-41 is also the ESC63014 [single phase short cased axial fan]

ZAC630-43 is also the ESC63034 [three phase short cased axial fan]




0114 2449955                               


Soler & Palau Compact Axial Fans From Stock

Good Morning

As you know we are a Soler & Palau stockist!! We have huge stocks of your favourite plate mounted and short cased axial fans. Please find below a list of the original S&P references and other references they may have been known as.

The favourite Short Cased Axial Fans, often used in kitchen extract are as follows:-


TCBB/4-250/H (250mm, 230V, 1phase, short cased, axial fan) also known as a CA250/4/1B OR an SMC250-14 OR a C250-14


TCBB/4-315/H (315mm, 230V, 1phase, short cased, axial fan) also known as a CA315/4/1B OR an SMC315-14 OR a C315-14


TCBB/4-400/H (400mm, 230V, 1phase, short cased, axial fan) also known as a CA400/4/1B OR an SMC400-14 OR a C400-14


TCBB/4-450/H (450mm, 230V, 1phase, short cased, axial fan) also known as a CA450/4/1B OR an SMC450-14 OR a C450-14


TCBB/4-500/H (500mm, 230V, 1phase, short cased, axial fan) also known as a CA500/4/1B OR an SMC500-14 OR a C500-14



Then of course there’s the Plate fans:-


HCBB/4-250/H (250mm, 230V, 1phase, plate mounted axial fan) also known as an E250/4/1A OR SMP250-14 OR a P250-14


HCBB/4-315/H (315mm, 230V, 1phase, plate mounted axial fan) also known as an E315/4/1A OR SMP315-14 OR a P315-14


HCBB/4-400/H (400mm, 230V, 1phase, plate mounted axial fan) also known as an E400/4/1A OR SMP400-14 OR a P400-14


HCBB/4-450/H (450mm, 230V, 1phase, plate mounted axial fan) also known as an E450/4/1A OR SMP450-14 OR a P450-14


HCBB/4-500/H (500m, 230V, 1phase, plate mounted axial fan) also known as an E500/4/1A OR SMP500-14 OR a P450-14


It doesn’t matter which reference you use they are all the same fan!! It’s just that Vent-Axia used to have their fans manufactured by S&P until about two years ago, but they had them manufactured in different colours and gave them different prices!! So, now you know!!


For quality and service from a long established family business!! Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd. Your One-Stop-Shop



0114 2449955



New 2012 Catalogue Now available!!!!! FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s here!! It’s arrived!! The Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd 2012 Stocklist and catalogue!!!!!!

As well as our fantastic range of industrial fans and electric motors at competitive prices! There is our new products page and our fully comprehensive workshop facilities!! We now also sell ducting and accessories!!

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd Your One-Stop-Shop!!!


0114 2449955

Oh, how things have changed!!

Hello!! They have though, haven’t they?? Things have changed!!

It was only the other day that I went walking in the peak district when my phone rang! And I realised that when I was last on this particular moor, virually no-one had a mobile phone and the ‘Sinclair ZX Spectrum’ was the in thing!! If you did have a mobile phone you needed a suitcase to carry it in!! And now here I am, writing a blog on my website!! Yes, website, only 15 years ago if you had mentioned a website to most people they’d have thought you were on about ‘Spider-Man’!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘Knight Rider’ invented EVERYTHING!! K.I.T.T. had everything; sat-nav, in-car video conferencing, remote computer access, intelligent guidance (like a BMW or Merc has now), sensors to wake you up if you get tired, some of the cars even talk to you!! Phones so small you can put them in you watch………everything!! Just what has happened?? Did Glen A Larson have a crystal ball?? And if he did was it his right or his left one??

As you can tell, we here at Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd Like to move with the times too!!

After all, motors have changed so much since 1990!! There are so many reasons for changing all the specifications of motor from IE1 to IE2, and of course all the extra copper and metals mined and distributed around the world to make these motors has no carbon footprint what so ever!! And the extra efficiency of oh, 1 or 2% will make all the all difference once the motor is stuck onto a 20 year old Pump!! And of course fan manufacturers aren’t using any of the same designs they have used since the 1980’s!!

Now available from stock, the new efficiency IE2 Motors. Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd your One-Stop-Shop!!

And where did the term ‘Blogging’ come from?? I’ve had the ‘blog on about many things over the years and my missus has the blog-on daily!!

Oh how things have changed!!





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