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Good News!

Good Morrow Peoples!

It’s been a good week for Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd.

This week we have smashed our quarterly targets thanks to our awesome sales team!

Our Apprentice Nick Bailey has received the coveted IET (Institute of Engineering & Technology) Apprentice of the year award!

As we are investing in the future of Beatson Fans & Motors, this is a fantastic step forward. Nick fits in well with our awesome team of engineers and has brought his own unique style to the company.

Nick has plans! Big plans! and we aren’t going to stop him…

As well as Nick’s success, Tracey our warehouse manager / delivery driver has got all the B56 FHP motors in their proper place, ready for another batch to arrive! They are flying our fast!!

FYI, we have had a string of warehouse operatives who of seemed a little lackluster. But Tracey is on it like a scotch bonnet and keeps us all in check!

Give Nick a click…


                                                                           Nick Award – Copy 



Stay Cool When The Heat Is On…

It might not be sunny, but it’s warm and muggy!

It gets uncomfortable to work and your clothes get soggy!

Buy a fan from us and get it pointed at your team…

The coolness will help them and they will be far more keen…

To get on with their day without complaint.

They’ll say “our boss is great” stingey they ain’t!

So come get a fan! Man-Coolers they’re called

To keep everyone cool that works in your world!







Call 0114 2449955 and speak to our sales team for more information.


Electric Motors Sheffield

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd

Sheffield’s largest independent stockist of electric motors!

0.18kw – 110kw Ex-Stock.

We also repair, rewind, refurbish and modify!

B56 Motor

Fan & Motor Repairs South Yorkshire

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd have been in business since 1928

We have been repairing and rewinding electric motors and industrial fans (as well as pumps, gearboxes and all related products) ever since.

We are also Sheffield’s largest independent stockist of industrial fans and electric motors.

Our ethos is very simple ‘Quality & Service’. to offer quality products and the best service we can!

B56 Motor










Upgrading Our BFM B56 Motors

Here at Beatson, we’re always striving to get better quality in our fans and motors for you – the customer!

Better presentation – don’t you think it simply looks smarter?


Read more

Fan Repairs South Yorkshire

It’s more than just repairing or replacing an electric motor!

IMG_0902 IMG_0935


0114 2449955


Industrial Fans & Fan Repairs UK


Repairing any type of fan unit requires more knowledge and expertise than just rewinding a motor.

Not only have we been rewinding and repairing electric motors , pumps, gearboxes and all related products since 1928

We have also been repairing industrial and commercial fans as well as selling them.

With our fully comprehensive workshop facilities and many years of experience, we really do have the knowledge…

Chris in da hood


0114 2449955



Electric Motor Rewinds Sheffield

Not only do we sell industrial fans and electric motors, we repair them too!

Electric motor repairs and rewinds, mechanical repairs and refurbishment.

All under one roof!

0114 2449955


The New Improved BFM B56

We made improvements to the BFM B56 fractional horsepower electric motors…

tefc-foot-cap-cap B56 Motor

Call our sales team to find out about the sheer awesomeness of our BFM B56 fractional horsepower electric motors.

0114 2449955




Improvements we have made to our BFM B56 Fractional Horsepower Electric Motors No3

The seals on the capacitor covers are non-perishable rubber… NOT CORK…!!










0114 2449955


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