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Monday Morning Blues?

Erm? well? I suppose it’s Monday Morning!

Some of our motors are blue! But not because they’re sad, but because they are painted that colour!

Our B56 Fractional Horsepower motors are certainly blue!

Our metric motors are a black colour and so are our S&P fans!

We do red (GRP) blades on some of our Breeza blades by the London fan company.

Some stuff is silver, like the Pujol gear units we sell and some of the things we sell are purple like our inverters.

Either way its’ no longer the Monday Morning Blues! It’s just another Great Day!!

Happy Monday People!














0114 2449955 

First Post of the Month

Hi Folks,

This is my first post of the month!! Why??

Dodgy keyboard on the laptop and the baffling news that putting posts on our site about what we do is virtually pointless!!

Even though we are Sheffield largest independent stockists of industrial fans and electric motors!! And that we have fully comprehensive workshop facilities and can repair anything to do with industrial fans, electric motors, gear-units, pumps, and all fan and motor related things!!



0114 2449955

Happy wet miserable and down right depressing Friday folks!!

Have a great weekend

Electric Motors Repairs & Rewinds

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd are your One-Stop-Shop for all you electric motor repairs!

Anything with an electric motor running it, from industrial fans to gear units and pumps, we have the know how!

We can offer electric motor rewinds, fan repairs and rewinds, balancing, machining, fabrication, refurbishment and repairs!!

We offer a free local collection and delivery service as well as free testing and quotation.






for excellent service call 0114 2449955

Visit our website www.beatson.co.uk

Fan Repairs

Axial Fan Repairs

Bifurcated Fan Repairs

Centrifugal Fan Repairs

Industrial Fan Repairs

Pressure Fan Repairs

All types of fan repairs!!


Call us and ask to speak to the workshop 0114 2449955


Industrial Fans On-line

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd

Visit our on-line shop www.beatson.co.uk/store

and get great deals on industrial fans and electric motors!!

Don’t buy off ebay! Buy from us!!

We can offer the support and backup that you just don’t get from buying second hand or from ebay shops

We really are your One-Stop-Shop 0114 2449955

On a Positive Note

It’s Monday!!

The weekend is over and the weekdays are here!!

Another five whole days before we have another beer!!

The weekend’s over and there’s lots of work to do!!

So c’mon sexy that’s five whole days for you!!

It’s time to start the week off on a high!!

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd, we’ll show you why!!



0114 2449955

Dedicated to the Hallam FM Friday song and ‘Hallamster’!!

Friday Rant!!


Nothing major. Just why?

Why do lorry drivers feel the need to take 14 miles to overtake each other?

Why is it always the same type of people who drive in the middle lane? Why don’t they know the highway code?

Why is it that if I accidentally choose the wrong lane or cut someone up, I apologise, but if someone does to to me I get sworn at? When it’s not my fault!!??

Why do lorry drivers drive right up yer back end??

Why do taxi drivers creep forward at traffic lights? Are they really going to set off sooner?

Why do people get back in their car after they have filled up, but take ages to set off??

Finally. Why don’t tractor driver drive their tractors, which are designed to be used in fields, across the blinkin’ fields, instead of holding up the traffic????

Oh and finally, finally!! Horse-Riders!! Single file if you MUST be on a road, otherwise, use a field!!

Rant Over!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Industrial Fans South Yorkshire

So, here I am at 6am writing a blog on the computer about fans!

It’s Friday morning and we are wide awake as my daughter sets off to do ice dance!

When we are at the rink, we have time to think about all of the things that we do!

Offering quality and service for 85 years is the family motto too!!

We sell axial plate fans and replace impellers, short cased axial fans we’ve got plenty,

Sheffield largest independant stockist, for industrial fans I’m having a poetry frenzy!

We make axial impellers from stock componenets by Breeza and Breezax and others!

there’s more things to mention, like bifurcated fans as there’s still more stock items to cover!!

Long cased axial fans built to your spec, be them standard, imperial or strange!

There’s box fans to mention, out of the air stream or in, thery’re a new product in our vast range,

And the centrifugal impellers built to your size and the chip shop fans here on the shelf!

Whatever you need regarding industrial fans we are here to help you help yourself!

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd since 1928, are hear to help you reduce breakdown!

Competetive prices, knowledge and service, we even have someone from Clowne!

Your One-Stop-Shop you can visit our online shop www.beatson.co.uk/store

now it’s time for this blog to end before we start to bore!!!






0114 2449955

Electric motor repairs Sheffield

Good Morning Folks!

Just thought I’d write a quickie about the services we offer!!

Not only are we Sheffield’s largest independent stockist of industrial fans & electric motors, we repair them too!!


We have a fully comprehensive workshop run by our highly skilled engineers.

We offer a full range of repair services including:-

Electric motor rewinds

Electric motor repairs

industrial fan repairs,

commercial fan repairs,





impeller replacement (from stock components)

Pump repairs

+much more!!



Your One-Stop-Shop

0114 2449955


Electric Motors Sheffield

Today I shall mainly be talking about electric motors!

I haven’t put a post on for a few days as I’ve been busy on sales covering peoples holidays!!


I know I keep banging on about it, but we really are your one stop shop for electric motors in Sheffield and South Yorkshire!!

Not only do we have our B56 fractional horsepower electric motors which are suitable for chip-shop fans, chippers, potato rumblers, lathes, pedestal drills and the such-like. We also stock a variety of other electric motors too! Standard IEC frame IE2 as standard, 3-phase metric motors from 0.25kw to 110kw on the shelf!! Single phase metric motors from 0.18kw to 3kw! Progressive framed (high output) electric motors, braked motors, geared motors, motor starters, inverters, pumps, accessories and much more!!

For all your electric motor requirements and a same day collection and delivery service in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, we really are your One-Stop-Shop!!






0114 2449955

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