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Electric Motor Repairs Sheffield

Good Morning

And what a mixed day it is so far.. Sunny start, bit of rain, back to being sunny again.. etc…

I thought I’d better write a quick note to remind folks that we are much more than just a stockist.

We have a fully comprehensive workshop that offers: Electric Motor Repairs and Rewinds, Fan Repairs and Overhaul inc VAC Pumps, Fan impeller replacement from stock components to you specification, Fan Balancing, Machining, Fabrication and Mechanical Repairs… Fast, Friendly and Efficient. As per the link in our catalogue; http://www.flippingbooks.co.uk/beatson/mobile/index.html#p=4 

This is an example of where the local steel company needed an fan making to the exact same specification as his old one…











Voila 2 weeks later, this is what he got :-











Quality & Service Since 1928

0114 2449955 


Industrial Fans Online

Buying online makes life a bit easier!
Buying online from a reputable business that can offer backup and support can make life even easier!
Buying from Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd ensures that you have technical backup and advice from the get go!!
Just call our engineers and ask… 

0114 2449955             www.beatson.co.uk/store

Industrial Fans, Electric Motors, Pumps, Gear-motors, Sales & Repairs.

It’s all about the service!

It’s easy to go online and find the ‘cheapest’ price, but what service do you get afterwards?

Does Ebay have a team of engineers who are fully qualified to help you after you have bought a product?

Does your Ebay seller have 90 years of knowledge and experience to back up your technical enquiries?

Can you call your Ebay supplier and ask for help and advice? Can you pop in and see your Ebay seller at a trade counter?

Our team are here on hand to professionally help you to buy the right products at the right price! we can also repair stuff too!

Industrial fans, Electric Motors, Pumps, Geared Motors, VAC Pumps and all related products. Sales & Repairs. Sheffield, South Yorkshire and beyond!











Huge Stock… Of the shelf at our trade counter… The awesome team that can repair anything and give proven technical advice!!!

0114 2449955




Fan & Motor Repairs South Yorkshire

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd have been in business since 1928

We have been repairing and rewinding electric motors and industrial fans (as well as pumps, gearboxes and all related products) ever since.

We are also Sheffield’s largest independent stockist of industrial fans and electric motors.

Our ethos is very simple ‘Quality & Service’. to offer quality products and the best service we can!

B56 Motor










Industrial Fans & Fan Repairs UK


Repairing any type of fan unit requires more knowledge and expertise than just rewinding a motor.

Not only have we been rewinding and repairing electric motors , pumps, gearboxes and all related products since 1928

We have also been repairing industrial and commercial fans as well as selling them.

With our fully comprehensive workshop facilities and many years of experience, we really do have the knowledge…

Chris in da hood


0114 2449955



Electric Motor Rewinds Sheffield

Not only do we sell industrial fans and electric motors, we repair them too!

Electric motor repairs and rewinds, mechanical repairs and refurbishment.

All under one roof!

0114 2449955


Electric Motor Rewinds Sheffield

Electric Motor Rewinds Sheffield

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd Not only sell Industrial Fans, electric motors, pumps and geared motors… We can repair them too! We have a fully comprehensive workshop run by our highly skilled team. We offer motor rewinds, repairs, refurbishment, machining, fabrication… Not to mention that testing and quoting is FREE. Drop your motor off and we will find out what is wrong with it and quote to repair or replace it, totally free of charge…

Test Bench

Just pop in and see the experts! 0114 2449955 or email our workshop directly workshop@beatson.co.uk


Industrial Fans & Electric Motors from Stock

Hi Folks,

Long-time no blog! We’ve been up to our necks busy… Which is nice! Doing all sorts of things to improve our service:-

there’s been the redevelopment of the motor rewinds department, we’ve had a new computer system, we’ve done our first proper exhibition at ‘Drive & Controls’, and we set on a new apprentice!

We’ve got a new catalogue too www.flippingbooks.co.uk/beatson

Not to mention the re-organisation of our stock and some of our suppliers, ensuring our service is better than ever!!

It’s been a fun few couple of months and we’ve been working hard to provide a better service than ever before… Which will be improved when our new stock arrives too!

Rock & Roll!!

Call our awesome sales team 0114 2449955

Rock n Roll

I can now say I’ve played guitar at Birmingham NEC!!


Electric Motors Rewinds Sheffield

Sheffield is a great industrial city and we have been integral to the support of manufacturing and maintenance since 1928.

Not only do we sell electric motors, industrial fans, pumps, starters, inverters, controllers and geared motors but we repair them too!

We have fully comprehensive workshop facilities! We repair all types of industrial fans, pumps, geared motors and Electric motor rewinds.

Our in house team offer Electric motor rewinds, repairs and refurbishments, fan impeller replacement, fan balancing, fan repairs of all types and much more…

For your one stop shop for electric motor rewinds and repairs, fan repairs, fan balancing, pumps, geared motors, as well as new electric motors from stock, new fans from stock including long cased and short cased axial fans, plate mounted axial fans, in line fans, centrifugal fans, Def Leppard fans (.. oh sorry, that’s just me! But yet again another great product from Sheffield!!…Tom) we are at your service!

Test Bench Stock Photo


Call the Team 0114 2449955

email the team sales@beatson.co.uk

Buy from the store https://www.beatson.co.uk/store/ 

Industrial Fan & Electric Motor Repairs Sheffield

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd believe in quality and service!

We only stock the best quality products whilst making sure we stay competitive…

We also have a fully comprehensive workshop, run by experienced and highly qualified engineers…

We offer motors rewinds, repairs, fan repairs, impeller balancing, machining, small fabrication, testing and maintenance on almost anything that has an electric motor…

Fans, Pumps, Motors, Geared Motors, starters, controllers, inverters…..

Work Family Photo 011


call our sales team on 0114 2449955



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