Crompton Greaves is a USD 2 billion engineering conglomerate with an impressive and diverse portfolio of products, solutions and services ranging from high-end power and industrial equipment and solutions, to consumer products and home appliances, addressing a myriad needs. Enjoying a reputation of stature for over seven decades, Crompton Greaves, which originates in India, has transformed itself into a global corporation. With a permanent footprint and manufacturing facilities in nine countries across Asia, Europe and North America, CG is fast emerging as a first choice supplier of high quality, ”smart” electrical, industrial and consumer products and solutions all over the world.

As Crompton Greaves are one of the leading players in supplying “smart” electrical products to both the industrial and consumer markets we stock their products to ensure our customers, if they desire, have access to the real cutting edge of technology within this sector. Choose from a range of highly effective industrial AC motors, Pumps and Drives.