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Sometimes Your Supplier Becomes Your Competitor

September 24th, 2013 (No Comments)

There’s always a tipping point in any sales strategy that seemingly takes huge manufacturers or importers from being brilliant, to being woefully disappointing!!   It happened with a very famous British electric motor manufacturer many years ago. They got to the point where they were so big that they forgot about the people who helped […]

Service levels defined:-

September 23rd, 2013 (No Comments)

It’s quite simple really. Treat other how you want to be treated and always do your best! So that’s what we do! That’s why we are always up-beat and polite and happy! That’s why we always do our best. so, if as a customer or supplier, you choose to be a misery or nasty tempered […]

B56 Fractional Horsepower Motors

September 12th, 2013 (No Comments)

The BFM 56 is a direct descendant of the original Brook B56 motor as explained a few days ago. The TYCO references for the main sizes are as follows:- 0.55kw (3/4hp) 1425rpm Drip-Proof Resilient mounted, as used in chip shop ranges HPH554BH3AG 0.75kw (1hp) 1425rpm Drip-Proof Resilient mounted, also used in chip shop ranges HQH564BH3AG […]

Q: What do I do if my fan stops working?

September 11th, 2013 (No Comments)

A: Easy Peasy! Call 0114 2449955 and talk to Andy, Jamie, Chris or John. They can help!

Electric Motors From Stock

September 9th, 2013 (No Comments)

Good Morning! Happy Monday! As well as our B56 frame fractional horsepower motors we are also Sheffield’s largest independent stockist of standard metric frame 1phase and 3phase electric motors. From 0.12kw to 90kw  Aluminium (TECA2) and Cast Iron (TECC2) 2800rpm (2pole) 1425rpm (4pole) 960rpm (6pole) and 720rpm (8pole) all ex-stock           […]

B56 Fractional Horsepower Motors From Stock

September 6th, 2013 (No Comments)

Happy Friday folks!! It’s time to learn about B56’s!! 1) they are not bombers, a B52 was a bomber and also the name of a 90’s pop band made famous by the song ‘Love Shack’ 2) they are an electric motor which is made to a specific dimension in accordance to old British standard imperial […]

How do I know what extraction or air movement I need?

September 3rd, 2013 (No Comments)

Working out how much extraction you require, or how much air you need to move isn’t always that simple! So in a nutshell, this is how you work it out :- 1) decide on the application i.e. kitchen canopy, spray-booth, garage, warehouse, etc… 2) phone Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd on 0114 2449955 3) ask […]

Kitchen Extract Fan Options from S&P Ventilation UK

September 2nd, 2013 (No Comments)

S&P Ventilation are one of Europe’s biggest (and Best) manufacturers of commercial and industrial fans, for all types of applications! Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd are proud to be one of their Yorkshire stockists. Probably the largest independent stockist in South Yorkshire!! 1. Cased Axial Fan Options: TCBB, TCBT, TCBBx2, TCBTx2, TGT, ITT, TET 2. […]