Electric Motor Stockist in Sheffield

04/14/14 8:09 AM

For all your electric motor and geared motor needs.

0.12kw to 110kw IEC metric motors. Ex-stock.

Up to 300kw available same day!

0114 2449955

Always Carry a Spare?

04/8/14 1:46 PM

You know it makes sense!

If your livelihood depends on it, if your factory desperately needs it, if you just want to make sure you have no down time!?

Keep a spare!!

We can offer to repair your emergency breakdowns and we probably have a spare fan or motor on the shelf. But if you have a spare, instead of panicking and running the risk of not being able to get a replacement or repair straight away, you are in the clear and have time to sort things out.

For your ‘One-Stop-Shop’ call 0114 2449955

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A guitarist always carries a spare set of strings!!

Is it summer yet?

03/10/14 8:15 AM

It felt like it yesterday as we fired up the Barby!

It’s been pretty good all last week! Went to London for the ‘Ecobuild’ exhibition and it was warm and sunny.

Got home Friday and the grass was dry enough for it’s first cut of the year (and I edged it too).

Saturday was a bit cloudy but good enough for a drive with the roof down.

Sunday was proper warm and sunny all day! What a terrific weekend.



So, if it’s going to be a warm one this year, it’s better to order your man-coolers sooner rather than later.

For a fast, efficient and friendly service, call 0114 2449955 and speak to our team.

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It’s the middle of the week folks!!

02/26/14 8:30 AM












Motors & Fans n Stuff like that!! That’s what we do!! 

0114 2449955



Electric Motor Repairs Sheffield

02/24/14 8:18 AM

Electric Motor Repairs Sheffield. That’s what we do! We also sell them and fans too!

Repairs on your pump, repairs to your fan, rewind your coil or balance a fan.

We offer same day service for chip-shop fan repairs we have the motors and impellers and a few other spares.

24 hours service and a call out is free, we don’t work on sight work though and haven’t since 1963.

If a fast friendly service is what you require, don’t get yourself stuck in the mire.

Call Andy or Jamie or Chris, John or Me, if the phones are busy you might get Matt if he’s free.

0114 2449955 a service that’s brill our on-line shop is live! pick up the phone it’ll not be a chore!

Happy Monday then folks, it’s Friday too soon. But we don’t really mind…… Baboon!!

(couldn’t finish that one)


Cost effective maintenance system.

02/20/14 8:41 AM

The answer is easy:-

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd

Call 0114 2449955

Electric Motors Repairs Sheffield

02/19/14 8:43 AM

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd

Not only are we Sheffield’s largest independent stockist of industrial fans and electric motors and all related products, we also repair them too!!

Industrial Fan Repairs, Electric Motor Repairs, Pump Repairs, Geared Motors… We’ll pretty much repair or rewind anything.

For a fast, efficient, friendly service call us today 0114 2449955

Electric Motors Sheffield

02/13/14 3:01 PM

As Sheffield’s largest independent stockist of electric motors.

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd are proud to announce that we hold stocks of metric frame IE2 electric motors from 0.12kw right up to 110kw and we can have up to 350kw in Sheffield within a couple of hours.

We also stock our B56 fractional horsepower motors, industrial fans, impellers, fan wheels, pumps, bifurcated fans, starters, controllers and all things to do with industrial fans, electric motors and the repairs thereof!!

When it comes to Electric Motors in Sheffield, Industrial Fans in Sheffield, Electric Motors Repairs in Sheffield, Industrial Fan Repairs Sheffield, Pump Repairs in Sheffield and all related products. We are your one stop shop in Sheffield.

For FREE local delivery and collection, FREE no obligation quotes on repairs, FREE site visits backed up by professional, fast, efficient, friendly service. Don’t phone a groan! Dial a smile. 0114 2449955

Or visit our on-line shop 

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Industrial Fan Repairs. Fast, Efficient ad Friendly Service.

02/5/14 2:40 PM

Hello Peoples!

We have recently improved our local delivery and collection service with the addition of our new man; Matt!

We are your one stop shop…. But a bit faster!

Electric Motors Sheffield

01/27/14 1:05 PM

Beatson Fans & Motors Ltd are Sheffield’s largest independent stockist of Electric Motors.

From 0.12kw right up to 110kw on the shelf and up to 250kw within same day service.

IEC Metric frame motors IE2 as standard.  Available in cast iron and aluminium, multimount.

Competitive prices backed up by a fast friendly efficient and knowledgeable service.

We also offer repairs on all types of electric motors, industrial fans, pumps, geared motors and impellers.

For your One-Stop-Shop 0114 244995