Good Service

There was an article this morning on Radio Sheffield. People were ringing in on Toby Fosters breakfast show and discussing good and bad service. We’re pleased to say that when it comes to customer service we are the ‘muts nuts’!!

Free testing on all industrial fans and electric motors, free advice on all industrial fan and motor related subjects, free no obligation site visits!! competitive prices, 24 hour service, huge stocks of Soler & Palau fans, London Fan, Breeza and Breezax impellers, MultiWing, TEC, Rotor, BFM and CG motors, overnight delivery, free local sameday delivery!!

Here are a couple of examples:-

One of our customers had ten industrial fans with guards on and collected them from our works in January! Bearing in mind that all stock goods are checked before dispatch and that all bespoke fans (as were these) are run and tested before dispatch!! So, these fans left our premises in perfect working order. In June we get a phonecall; “This fans just smashed!! Impellers just disintegrated!” So immediately we sent our MD to look at the damaged fan and check the other nine! There was a small dint on the failed fan which had caused the impeller to catch and shatter and the other fans were fine. Please bear in mind it was run tested and  in perfect working order when the customer collected it and it had been in the customers’ possession for nearly six months!! But as a gesture of good will and without prejudice we thought it would be a good service to supply our customer with a new impeller and a new guard Free of Charge!!!! We could have said “well it was nearly six months ago; it’s obviously been damaged whilst in your possession!” But we’re Beatsons and we’re not like that, we give the customer the benefit of the doubt!! That’s what service is all about!!

the other example was when we built a backward curved impeller for a customer and, hands up, it started wobbling after about three weeks!! So what did we do?? We repaired and balanced his old original impeller immediately. Free of charge (we did advise that a repair was more worth while originally) and built him another new one; free of charge!! After all we promised an impeller and now he has two!! the exact words from our customer “Now, that’s a good service, thankyou!!”

It’s all about the service!!!!!

Incidentally, the company with the ten fans (who still managed to get his units to his customer on time) actually had the cheek to threaten us with consequential loss!!!! Ha ha ha ha !!!! Of course, because we believe in honesty and service, and because we are great believers in treating our customers as we wish to be treated (after all what goes around comes around), all he’s managed to do is ruin things for himself! We believe in service, but we don’t suffer fools gladly!!


We love you all !!

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